Katina Boyd saw stars after the punch of serial infidelity and divorce.  In the Distracted Dance of Resilience, Katina invites us to follow her dance steps of faith towards healing and restoration.

With honesty, openness, and storytelling, this twenty-one-day devotional helps us:

Shake off bitterness. 

Embrace the reality of our situations.

Move on with our lives healthy and whole.

If letting go of bitterness, moving on with your life, and helping others by telling your story is of interest to you, this twenty-one day devotional and the power of the Holy Spirit will help you begin the process of healing.

This devotional contains seven major concepts with three days of devotions for each concept.  Spiritual “dance step” activities are listed at the end of each day’s devotion.

Spend the next twenty-one days dancing your way towards flexibility, balance, confidence and ultimately, resilience!

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